How to decide whether a Perth beach wedding is right for you

There’s no doubt we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, turquoise water and gorgeous sunsets can make an ideal backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Before you decide to have your wedding ceremony on a Perth beach, here are some things to consider.

Perth beach wedding

Beautiful beach perfect for a beach wedding

The sun    

If you’re getting married in summer, think carefully before you decide to hold your ceremony in the full sun. If you’re the bride, you probably don’t want your makeup melting off, exchanging vows with your sunglasses on or your eyes squinting from the glare.

It’s also very important to think about your guests, especially as they wait for you to arrive. You don’t want their excitement about your big day melting into a group of hot, bothered and sunburnt guests who won’t enjoy themselves. If you’re getting married at a hot time of year, an early morning or evening beach wedding would be the best time of day to hold your ceremony.

The sea breeze

Definitely factor in the sea breeze if you plan to have a marquee, red carpet or seating on the beach. A strong breeze can lift all of these up like a beach umbrella, so a morning ceremony or another venue could be a better option.

The sand

Sand feels great between our toes but at a wedding it can be hard to “walk down the aisle” smoothly! It’s also hard if you, your bridesmaids and guests are wearing heels. It can also be harder for people with wheelchairs, prams or elderly people who aren’t as mobile as other guests. Think about how you and your guests will be arriving when you’re deciding if the beach is the best spot for your ceremony.

The public

It’s lovely to share your special day but you just need to be aware that being on a public beach means people can play frisbee, swim and put up their beach tents anywhere.

 Alternatives to a beach wedding

Perth beaches are beautiful and could be perfect for your wedding ceremony if you plan ahead and have a back-up plan for different conditions. As another option, a shady park with views, indoor ocean-side venue or scenic poolside followed by cocktails could give you the same summery tropical vibe for your ceremony. If you decide to have your ceremony somewhere other than the beach, you can always visit the beach to have your photos taken after your ceremony.